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Let Us C is a standard book preferred by a newbie in the world of C programming. Yashwant Kanetkar has designed the book for readers who have no background in programming. Let Us C covers all the facets required in C programming today. The particulars of C language, the working of C under Windows and Linux, and its applications in the present day Internet-obsessed world have all been explained lucidly in the book. 

Let Us C begins with the basics of C Language and its programming. It then goes on to explain the decision, loop and case control structures. Besides this, details about the C preprocessor, functions and pointers, arrays, and strings are also explained. The last five chapters of the book hold the complicated topics of C programming, but they are elucidated in a way that is easy to comprehend. Kanetkar has constructed the book in such a way that it leaves behind a long-lasting impression on the reader’s mind. The book is packed with numerous programming examples that demonstrate every aspect of C programming.

This book, Let Us C, has been updated frequently to integrate new revolutions in the field of C programming and now is in its tenth edition. The book is widely popular and has been translated into many languages like Hindi, Gujarati, Japanese, and Korean. The language used in the book is simple, and each of the topics has been elucidated by Kanetkar in a simple manner, which will assist in understanding the C language.

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